Five Tips for Winter Security

Winter is dark, and cold and miserable. As you hide in your lounge with the TV turned up, there is ample opportunity for those lurking in the shadows to do some real damage to your property. Whether it is a burglary of your home, or vandalising of your business premises, you can prevent the worst by taking some simple precautions.

Here are our top 5 winter security tips:

1. Light the place up

As the nights draw in sooner, and the sun comes up later there is more and more time for burglars and vandals to do their worst. We all know they prefer to work in the shadows, under the cover of darkness, so try and keep shadows to a minimum. If you have an external light with a timer, set it to come on earlier. Alternatively swap the bulb for a low energy emitting bulb and keep it on permanently. The cost will be negligible, but the benefits huge if it prevents a crime.

2. Don’t leave the engine running

Preparing to leave the house to go to work in sub-zero temperatures when it is still dark, and you’re still half asleep is a miserable proposition at the best of times, but when you then to defrost the car too, it takes misery to a new level. There is always the temptation to start the engine, get the blowers on full heat and leave the car for five minutes while you eat your cornflakes. This is just an invitation for thieves who prowl in the morning looking for unsuspecting cereal eaters to do just this. If the car is stolen whilst you’ve left the keys inside, it will invalidate your insurance, especially if no one was supervising the vehicle. So as horrible as it is, you need to scrape and de-ice within proximity of the car. We recommend investing in some gloves and a flask, it’ll take the edge off.

3. Make it look as though someone is in

If you don’t get home from work until 7pm at night, there is a long time for your house to sit in darkness and look as if no one is in; simply inviting burglars to come and help themselves. Invest in timers for lamps and TVs so that at 4pm they all come on and make a burglar think twice about entering a home that may have someone inside.

4. Make sure the fort is still strong

In the winter, weather conditions can deteriorate quite heavily, and this deterioration in turn can damage perimeter security. Make regular checks that the high winds, driving rain, frost or snow hasn’t damaged fences, gates, outhouse doors or roofs, walls or cameras to name a few.

5. Keep the garden tidy

This may seem like a strange winter security tip, but we understand that the miserable weather and shorter days make gardening and outdoor DIY very unappealing, moving to the bottom of your priority list. However an unkempt garden or outdoor space will signal to potential burglars that no one may be living at the house, and invite a potential burglary based on a sense of the property being vacant. By maintaining your garden or outdoor space, it is apparent that someone is constantly in and out of your property, leaving no time for it to be burgled.

If you are worried about the security of your home or are thinking about upgrades such as new locks or CCTV, give us a call and we’d be happy to advise on what we feel would suit your security needs. 

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