What Type Of Home Security System Is Best For Your Property?

Looking for the right type of security system for your home can be a tricky and frustrating process. Purchasing a security system is a long-term investment, and can protect your home for a lifetime if you choose the right brand and company. It doesn't matter if you are renting, or if you own the place, leaving a property unprotected can put you, and your family, at risk and can be very dangerous. Take time to consider the local crime statistics and the different types of devices you may need most to ensure the safety of your family because, in times like these, everyone needs to be vigilant and think ahead for any unforeseen events. To save you some time, we have done the research on what you need to consider when choosing, or installing an alarm system.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Devices

Nowadays, most of the home security systems are hybrids, which means these can be controlled wirelessly or hardwired. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wired security sensors are controlled using an analogue phone line. Since analogue phone lines are less popular, this could mean that your security system is at a disadvantage, as it would make your system obsolete a few years ahead. One advantage of using a wireless security sensor is that it is connected through the internet, and can be backed up with a mobile phone, just in case the internet is down, or if there is a power outage.

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Safety Detectors

There is a wide range of safety detectors- both wireless and wired, which provide different features to best suit your needs. For homes with a yard or garden, outdoor safety detectors are good for securing the perimeter around your home. Safety detectors can also keep your home safe, alerting you in case of smoke, gas, CO2, and flood. Risco’s DigiSense Series has cutting edge technology that would be ideal for both commercial and/or residential units. DigiSense uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which is an advanced method of processing signals, particularly PIR motion sensors. PIR or Passive InfraRed Sensors are used in motion sensor devices by measuring infrared light radiating from objects in the field of the detector. As soon as the device senses a motion or movement, it then detects whether a human has moved within the sensors range or not. Having pets would not be an issue with DigiSense as its PIR processing technology is pet-friendly and can detect and distinguish between intruders and pets so that your sensors would not go crazy when your pets are out and about.

Outdoor And Indoor Cameras

While surveillance is the main reason for installing indoor or outdoor cameras, it also serves as a warning for burglars attempting to enter your home. Mounting your camera in the right location and choosing the right design can be an added benefit to why you are installing a security system. A visually mounted camera would let possible intruders know that they are being watched and that the premise is being monitored. This would discourage burglars and make it harder for them to enter your home undetected. With LightSYS™2 live video security system, you have the option to choose from different designs for the cameras, some are dome-shaped, bullet-shaped and or cube-shaped, all which serve the same purpose, to monitor your home.

Remote Access Capability

Having full control over your security system is important. While you are away, it would be beneficial to take a peek at what’s going on within or outside your premises to ensure some peace of mind. Risco’s Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system that lets you stay connected to your home security, even when you are away. With the use of a smartphone or a computer, you can remotely monitor and view your installed cameras real-time, even arm and disarm the security alarm system with the touch of a button. This can be very convenient if a family member forgot to arm the system before leaving the house. You may also opt to receive alerts and notifications on your system log. The VUpoint system is cloud-based and powered by Risco Cloud, utilising IP cameras so you can monitor and video-stream real-time events, or on demand as needed.

Other Accessories

Security systems now also come with different accessories that could grant you peace of mind the moment you set foot out of your home. For people living with elderly family members, a panic button alerts you in case of an emergency, providing an extra level of security to family life.

Keeping your family safe is of utmost importance. No matter how much your budget is, there will always be a home security system to suit your needs. Adding an extra layer of defence to intruders can be within your reach.

BM Security are experts in Residential and Commercial security solutions to protect your home, your family and your business. Our specialist engineers can advise on, install and maintain the right security products to keep you and those around you safe. Whether you need an emergency locksmith, a burglar alarm or CCTV system, access control keyless entry, or home automation and smart technology, our experience ensure you receive the best service.

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