Burglar Alarm Systems

burglar alarm systems

Our burglar alarms offer 24-hour protection with a range of monitoring and response options.

Every property and every personal requirement is different, which is why we never provide an alarm system without first conducting a detailed site survey. As well as looking at the physical attributes of the property, our surveyor will also discuss exactly what you want from the system. BM Security are able to fit new, upgrade or maintain your current alarm system.

We take into consideration the size of your property, the level of security you need, if you have pets or animals in the building, how remote your property is, if you already have wiring, need wiring or if you are looking for a wireless solution, how often the property is vacant and who is best placed to respond if the alarm is activated.

We can advise on the best solution for you and your property. We only use the best alarm systems and have a number of brands we work with. We specialise in DSC (Digital Security Controls) a world leader in electronic security systems and Risco alarm systems a global leader in the professional security market.

We are able to install simple, more traditional systems which merely ring out when activated, to more sophisticated systems which can include smoke detectors and can be monitored allowing you, your keyholders (a neighbour or employee) or even the police or fire service to be alerted when the alarm is activated.

There are 3 main types of system in terms of communication and response level. All of these systems can be installed through a wired or wireless network. These are detailed in the table below:

Burglar Alarm Systems

Bells only system with remote notification Keyholder monitoring

Response Alarm System

An external siren is triggered, alerting and informing burglars they have been detected

tick.png tick.png tick.png
The presence of the bell box on the house itself can deter burglars tick.png tick.png tick.png

The option of immediate notification if there’s a problem within your home via call text or smartphone app

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Annual service visit tick.png tick.png tick.png
Free parts and labour warranty tick.png tick.png tick.png
24 hour customer care line tick.png tick.png tick.png
24 hour engineer call-out for immediate assistance tick.png tick.png tick.png
Keyholder monitoring tick.png tick.png
Fire and police response tick.png



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